Thursday, March 12, 2009

this just in!

How utterly serendipitous! is running this article about shopping bags today.

my hannafords offers a 5¢ rebate for reusable bags, and a 2¢ rebate for recycling plastic bags. I'm pleased that massachusetts is making an effort to be less wasteful, and i'm glad the supermarkets are partnering on it too.

I'm working on some way to make a few of my bags (Say two flat bags and five or six singlet bags) available as some sort of raffle prize in a fund raiser. for food pantries, probably; i just have to work out in my head how to do it. An ebay auction? perhaps i'll do the auction, and then the funds raised can go to the food pantry of choice for the winner. i.e, for me, it would go to my town's food bank, where my friend molly might rather it go to one in the twin cities.

I think the first one will be bags made of stash fabric, so they may be a bit of a jumble. If it's successful, I'll make future fabric purchases with the intentions of having them be a matched set. Though, i wonder, if they are a jumble, d'you think people would be less likely to bid on them?

Post a comment, and pass along to people for their thoughts as well.

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MoSchu said...

Boy, you sure do your research;) I would bid on them even if they are a fact none of the reuseable bags I bring to the store match except the two Josh and I got free at the State Fair together last year:) Doesn't matter if they match as long as they aren't paper or plastic;)