Monday, March 23, 2009

Zig Zag Tweedy Sweaterlet

so, last weekend i did this sweaterlet. it's mad easy, and super quick. I've worked up a pattern for it, but i can't post it's link yet, because i'm not sure it's ready. My intention is to make it available for free, but I need testers. Are you a knitter? Would you be interested in testing it out for me? send a message to kmsmaverick AT yahoo DOT com to let me know.

it's got a button closure at the top only, the bottom is unfastened, so it behaves a bit like a capelet.

it's also got a nifty zig zag border

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MoSchu said...

WAY cute! I wish I were a knitter, but I'm left handed and my right handed mom gave up trying;)