Thursday, March 12, 2009

weeknight sewing

When one is stricken with the productivity bug, one must seize it, right? even if the end result is yet more crafty goodness, and still fewer clean dishes? well, that's where i'm at. I've gotten this urge to sew like crazy lately, even though i don't actually need any of the things i've been making, it doesn't make sense to have the fabric on hand unused.

In the past i've made some of those singlet shopping bags we all know and love, but those look best if they are fully lined.

This makes them very sturdy, durable and really nice to look at, but they aren't really Fold-up-able, so they are a bit bulky. They take up some space in a person's handbag. Enter the Hodges and Figgis Souvenir bag, which me mam so selflessly gave me; (every so often i call her up and say "Ma! guess what! I've gt a Hodges and Figgis bag!) and which i have meticulously reproduced!

anyway, that is a fab bag, because it's flat, and it's only a single layer of fabric, so it's foldable takes up very little room in one's pocketbook. so it's always ready if you need it!

The things that i don't like about single layer bags are the raw seams. They generally look- well raw. they fray and pill, and just don't look very nice. So, i looked around, and found the answer to my problem, the Flat-Fell Seam!

This makes the bag look fantastically finished and very tidy. plus it makes for a pretty sturdy seam, so the bag will be a bit more useful.

I added on the little pink tag to make it look more clever. the only thing i'm not really over the moon on this bag for is the handles- all i had on hand was flannel. I would rather have used the same weight percale as the yellow and blue; but you know how it goes, needs-must.

I'm going make a few more of these, i might give them away, if you know anyone who can use a few shopping bags in surprise fabric, send a message!

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