Tuesday, October 25, 2005

On reading

i sometimes wonder if reading is the same for other people as it is for me. i love to read. i just love it. I don't usually read anything of real validity, i mostly just read murder mysteries. but occasionally i'll read something romantic or funny. my favorite books include the Bourne Identity, No News at Throat Lake, Eureka Street, nineteen seventy-seven, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Neverwhere, Maise Dobbs. All of these books i could read over and over again.

notice that most of them are mysteries of some sort. but not all of them. throat lake is just a hysterical book about a Guardian journalist who splits his job and moves to a tiny village in ireland to write for the village paper. and Neverware is about a London man who gets involved in a surreal underworld based on the underground system, it's such a clever book. Masie Dobbs is about a woman detective shortly after the end of WWI and it's heart wrenching. it really is. Jacqueline spears has written three masie dobbs novels and they always make me cry.

Currently i am reading a book by victoria blake. it's called Bloodless Shadow. it's kind of an ugly name, but it's a fabulous book.

I like to read and imagine all the characters, and what they look like, and how they act. i love it. I love to imagine the location and the weather and the smells. some times of couse you get to know the characters and then you can empathise with them, and other times you get to know them and they are just awful people. i love books like that. i just love them.

sometimes i wish i could just read all day. i would like to skip work and finish my book. wouldn't that just be so great?

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