Monday, October 31, 2005

what a busy weekend!

well, the weather men all said it was going to rain all day on saturday, so i decided to sleep late. it was very nice. but also i had a super long list of things to do. chores and all that fun shit. i had to take the garden out before it took over the world, and harvest the last few stragglers of gourds. then i cleaned the fridge. what an adventure. i live more and more like a bachelor every day. i eat nothing but crap, and there are socks all over my apartment. but i cleaned everything well and truly, and i'm going to give it a go to be less bachelorlike. also, i cooked a proper dinner for myself for the first time in months. barbeque pulled pork and smashed potatoes and cornbread!

but it's beginning to be evidendent that i am in trouble in the cat department. whilst i was clearing away weeds, there was a gray furry thing that sneaked back into the brushes. i shrieked like a little girl! at first i thought it was a ferret; but then i could see that it was another cat. a little tiny one. perhaps two or three pounds. this one is much more wild. very scaredy cat. can you believe he spit at me and took a swing? dopey thing! i think it's one of the striped cat's kittens.

see the thing is there are getting to be too many cats. one cat is nice. two cats are bearable, but three cats? too many. and besides, there are probably more kittens to go along with mini stripe. so i'm going to have to enlist the aid of a cat rescue league i think. they can't stay ot next to the river all winter, and they can't stay with me.

it's too bad, because i like cats, but i don't want to be that old lady with hundreds of cats!

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