Thursday, October 27, 2005

woo hoo...The Foo

so matt and I went to the foo fighters show two weekends ago. Firstly can I just say that the guy from hot hot heat needs to keep his hair shorter? The crazy curls just aren't cutting it. He looks like the guy from that awful band firehouse.

Then next up was weezer. I have to admit; I wanted to not like them. I have never been a weezer fan and I was slightly disappointed when I saw that the Foos were going out with them. But ok, what can I do. So we paid 45 clams for the tickets (more than a 100% increase since the last time the foos were in Worcester, but ok) so I wasn't going to skip the openers. I wanted my money's worth dammit!

Well. Did I get my moneys worth. Weezer was so good. So good. They totally rocked. They played all the songs I knew, and the songs I didn't were bearable. And even my most unfavorite song; the sweater song was super! The lights were tremendous, and they didn't screw around with talking or being funny. They simply played great stuff, and they played it loud. They even played a bit of Blur's Song 2, also a favorite of mine. Really good. I was really pleased with them.

So then the foo fighters came out. Rock on. The title track from In Your Honor has concert opening song written all over it, and so they did, and it never looked back from there. They had super cutting edge screens and lights, I mean from a design standpoint they were really good to look at. The Centrum is a small stadium, large enough for Farm System Ice Hockey, but the sound is terrific, and it wasn’t so big that we couldn’t see the bands. We had floor seats, but I am a short person (bollocks) so we have to stand kind of far away from the crowd so I can see. Well, that's ok, because in the middle of the set, doesn't Dave Grohl run through the crowd to the back of the floor and hop up onto the piece of scaffolding I was leaning on? Yes, he does!

Security was going mental; You can see me scurrying away from them. I’m the one turned around in the blue tee shirt over by the fence on the left. Matt is the one in the gray and black tee shirt between the two yellow shirts. That was so cool when he did that! He slapped high fives as he went by. He’s not really that tall either. But he is skinny and rock and roll looking, so that’s good.

They whole show was just so good. It had the energy of Avalon, but with 10 times the number of people.

$45 clams was a bargain.

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