Monday, October 24, 2005

a funny thing happened to me at work the other day:

i shredded everyone's paychecks.

but it's not all my fault! it's only mostly my fault! so now to set the background, i work at a retail store. We recently switched over management. our previous management used to make us sign for our paychecks. our new management doesn't make us sign, and neither do they hand them to us. they are left in the office until we come and get them.

now, i get paid with direct deposit. so i don't actually need to get my check, because it's not a check. so i am hopelessly delinquent about going to get my check- even the previous management had to seek me out to sign for my check. the company pays weekly. i haven't gone to get a check for weeks. i mean weeks. possibly even as long as this new management has been on board. i would guess somewhere around the first or second week of august. so the checks for me have been piling up since then.

so when i got in to work on friday, a coworker said to me, oh, kristine, your checks are here. and there was a pile of them at my workstation. i don't keep those things, they just clutter my life, while i know that is bad financial practice, i just can't stand the dumb things. so, i shred mine. well, i figured the whole pile was mine, and i shreded the lot of them.


you can imagine my dismay when i found out that the entire department's check was there. i called my friend from work and said: oh my god! samantha, i am in so much trouble i could puke right here. Elizabeth hates to work with me, she thought i was dumb to begin with, and now she's sure of it. what'm'i'gnnu'do?" all the words slured in to one.

it was very funny after the fact and after i sorted out with my manager who gets D.D. and who needs a reissued check. but at the time i wanted to quit. i just wanted to go home. i was so embarrased. i turned so red. it was terrible. but i have learned from this disaster.

no matter how busy you areat work, you shold only go as fast as your brain can allow.

sigh. but at least my drawer balanced at the end of the night.

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