Tuesday, September 27, 2005

on being alumni

so every year around this time there is the alimni game at my college. it's when all of us greaduated softballers go back and play the current team. it's really quite fun, then we all get together and eat. (the alumni get to reminisce, and the current players get to have a suitable meal for a chage)

so when the alumni game takes place, i dread it. i always dread it. i get these attacks of anxiety and self doubt, even though it's easier to go to the alumni game than it was to go to college. college for me was very lonesome. and it's funny how even just walking onto campus makes me feel profoundly all by myself. then i get there and i have fun and i chuckle to myself that i was nervous to go.

so anyway, i love to go the alumni game, except that even though we are old and mostly retired players, it is still NOT ACCEPTBLE to make errors. so we still need ice after the game.

but when i do go back, i get to reminicsing and all that fun shit.

but i want everyone to go to the website, and if you live in the area, go check out a game, it really is top drawer sports.
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  • and there are big shake ups in the soccer program there too. i'm pleased that coach McGuigan is still there in the men's program, but i am slightly surprised that he's an assistant now. Still it is good that Coach barosso is now the head coach of the men's program, because those two would make a good coach combination.

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