Monday, September 19, 2005

hoo hoo hoo!

yay! i got tickets to the Fighters of Foo on friday! Yay! i had to settle for seats. I really wanted to get the General Admission section. but no luck. a friend of mine has GA Tickets, and i'm hoping to convince him that i should go with him, and i'll unload my seats. I got the seats because i wanted to be sure i would get to go. last year they came to the Fleet pavilion, and i wasn't able to score tickets, so this year I said self, get those tickets no matter what the cost!

I love the foo fighters. i like to think i have outgrown my facination with rock and roll stars, but come on, the foos, man! i saw them once at the paladium, and it was rockin. i just love how clever and crafty and rockin and they are. just enough rock, and just enough slow, and just the right amount of politial soapboxing for me. i dig them.

plus they're easy on the eyes. i realize that they look slightly unkempt and like they haven't taken a shower for a few days, but that is a carefully crafted look, and i dig it. think of joe strummer in 1979. he was dead sexy. and consider trent reznor, even though he's looking a bit older than i remember, he's dead sexy too. and there's the guys from the bouncing souls, and pete yorn too! and jakob dylan.


i guess i haven't outgrown my facination with rock and roll stars.

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