Thursday, September 22, 2005

far away places

I love the idea if travelling. if i had even a tiny bit moremoney, i would use it to go places. i've been to london, scotland, ireland, Lisbon, and spain. i've also been to california, nevada, arizona, hawaii, and up and down the eastern coast. i just love to go to places that are not where i live. i'm not sure if its because being on holiday is better than being at work, or something else, but i love to go to see new places, and get a map, and learn the culture and personality of the the place.

i like to go to a far away place, and insert myself into its every day life. i imagine it's some sort of escapism, you know anywhere is better than here sort of thing.

in any event, i like to check up on the places i've visited to see how they are getting on without me. so here are some snap shots:

this is in dublin, where my mother and i had a row because we couldn't figure out where we were and were and how we got to where we wanted to go.

also in dublin we heard the word that a-rod had agreed to the trade to the Yankees. we were just like americans- shouting and shouting more about how the yankees made us so mad!

this is in london, my friends and i stayed in a slightly sketchy hotel down the street from bayswater road, right by hyde park. it was not many stars, but who cares? a seven night stay including air fare and taxes cost just $400. you can't really beat that.

in london i dropped a mitten on one of the double decker buses, i didn't notice it until i was off in picadilly circus. i was so upset! but then there was a tap on my shoulder, and there was a man there who had gotten off at the next stop and doubled back to find me (clearly i was a tourist, in a bright blue jacket) and return it to me. that one single gesture reinforeced my belief that people can be good if they choose to be so.

and here is lisbon, i had a fantastic time in lisbon with my friend and her family. such a good time.
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