Wednesday, September 14, 2005

i love internet radio

so here is my unsponsored advertisement. you should check out it's an internet radio station. this guy robert goodman streams radio. i can't tell if it's pre-recorded and he just uploads a zip cartrdge, or if he's got some sort of real elaborite studio or what, but he plays good music. it's really alternative. lots of smiths, and the cure, franz ferdinand, and emo like crazy. but he mixes in some real good brit pop and weird and wacky stuff like paul anka's rock swings album. he's got some real good stuff on there.

tuth be told i would like him to play some stuff he hasn't gotten to yet, like more bouncing souls, the explosion, millencolin, clash, flogging molly and the like, but i really can't complain. it's easily as good as my beloved 'fnx. (they stream too, but it doen't work so well on this workstation i never ever hear the same song twice, the same artist sure, but never ever the same song in one day. it's really quite good.

oh, right now it's Johnny Cash's Personal Jesus. a really good mix of alt stuff. i dig it.

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