Tuesday, September 20, 2005

heart wrenching story, really

so here is the terrible story of the baby who was accidentlly poisoned at a cook out a few summers ago.


i read this this morning and my head began to swirl with thoughts. really, how could he mistake rat poison for spring water, wouldn't it smell? but then i thought, but why would he do that? did those parents make him so mad that he would want to kill their child? oh god, but it gets worse and worse! they lost their child by taking him off life support. how awful. but this guy is an old man, and he made this terrible mistake. how equally awful. there is no happy ending possible for anyone involved in this story. just considering the possibilities makes me almost sick with sadness.

but then, as if that weren't bad enough, i have to worry about how i would react if something terrible like that happened in my family. oh gosh, i could worry myself right out of productivity at work if i am not careful.

i guess all i can do is pray for these people. all of them. If prayers were ever needed, this is the situation.

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