Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can i borrow another pencil?

So it never occurred to me that people might be reading this blog. I mean sure, we've all heard about the Facebook horror stories, in which a blogger posts disparaging comments about their boss and then gets sacked. But i confess, it never crossed my mind that people would have a look round. I sort of figured, for sure people took one look, saw how boring and frivolous the thing is and then split for something more....relevant.

So imagine my surprise when my pencil case partner said she saw a post on my blog and was suddenly stricken with swap anxiety. Gosh, i feel so sheepish! get a load of these great things she made for me:

They are so well made, and so fit my personality that I can't believe she had anxiety. I'm so excited to use them and put things in them. i'm going to use the green meadow one for pencils and pens and things for continuing education classes. The crazy quilted one has got all my manicure supplies in it. I so needed one for that job, because the old one sacrificed it's zipper pull in the name of haute couture. (and a zipper with no pull is not actually a zipper anymore!)

and have a look here.
Shermy even received new toys to chase all over the apartment. He's quite good with a catnip toy, he wings them all over the place, then he carries them with him and hops into the bed. occasionally he puts them in his water dish, which makes me mad.

I'm pleased to have done this swap, What fun! Though i don't think i'll lend out any of my new pencils. i'll just keep one or two of those chewed up ones with the eraser missing and give those out instead.


MoSchu said...

I have your blog posted on my blog, so you might have visits from my friends...and you know I check in regularly:) Happy St. Patty's early!!!

MoSchu said...

PS, any tips on sewing would be greatly appreciated. I got a machine for Christmas and I plan to start with baby blankies, but so many places to go from there! I know your feeling about matching thread;) Anything else?

kmsmaverick said...

@sewing for me is great fun. i like to sew while the ball game is on. To start, baby blankies is a super idea. they have mostly straight seams, and don't have to have lots of fabric piecing.

Quilting of course is fun, but for me, too labor intensive. go see for some tutorials and great things to make. oh! one thing that's right up your alley is the fabric bag! see the thread here: Did you know that massachusetts is taking steps to introduce a PlasTax like in Ireland? What a good idea! Those grocery bags are terrible!

For clothing Simplicity patterns are the easiest. Though, i think clothing is Tres dificil. There is one book; Sew what, Skirts! well worth borrowing from the library. The skirts in that book always fit.

MoSchu said...

Thanks, that bag is awesome! I'll have to try it there a fabric you like best to work with os should I just pick a flannel that I like?

kmsmaverick said...

I like to use quilting cotton or something like that when ever i can. It's also sometimes called novelty print. I find it's a bit more predictable than other fabrics, even flannel. So for projects such as tote bags, light use home dec or pj's I like to use the cotton. (oh, but if you make pj's for reilly, be sure to check the label to be sure the fabric is OK for use in children's pj's)

But a flannel blankie, mmmmmmm! With some of that silky edging! Mmm, snugglie!

MoSchu said...

I actually made a quilt from some of Riley's baby blankies because she got so many of them. It was meant to be her "big girl" bedspread, but it has turned into a favorite family blanket on the couch:) Baby blankets are soooo soft. Thanks for the tips!