Monday, March 31, 2008

the littlest googie

hee hee hee. That's what we call her.

So here is what I learned over the weekend: Baby things are quick and easy to make! In one day I made three and a half dresses! And they are ridiculously cute.

The white farmyard print is made of flannel, and this pink one is reversible. Is that spit up? no problem! i'll just flip it inside out!

Kristen is going to be the proud recipient of lots of things from me i imagine. It's not that i'm spoiling her over the others- it's just that i'm a much more advanced crafter now than i was for the others. Johnny is four or five now, and i was just learning how to sew, and i hadn't even learned how to knit until January of 2007.

So it's just the luck of the draw that the littlest googie gets to have all my handiwork. I hope i don't make them so that photos are embarrassing when she is a teenager.

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