Monday, March 31, 2008

here are the others

So here are the other photos of the dresses.
This one is the inside of the pink one- it's totally reversible. This side is nice and bright- orange and bright magenta.

This blue one is actually the first one I made. It's made almost entirely out of on hand materials. I'm doing my best to work only with materials that i already have on hand. (course that's a pipe dream just ask the people at the fabric shop)

then there is this nifty trim around the edge- i had concerns about using the yellow, but i think it turned out pretty ok.


MoSchu said...

I think the blue one is ADORABLE! Of course the pink one is too, but I'm not a pink person;) I envy your sewing talents!

kmsmaverick said...

I'm not typically a pink person either- that's why i made it for the baby, not me! hee.

The other side, which isn't as visible is this tiny little flower pattern, with the same sort of magenta and orange. It's pretty garish, but in a little baby, it's not so terrible.

MoSchu said...

You're too funny:)