Friday, March 07, 2008

Major League Jerks

One would think in this day of Mitchell Reports and Perjury allegations against Hall of Fame Contestants, that major league baseball would be a bit more inclined to foster goodwill toward fans and take part in a renewed effort toward young players.

But, oh no! As I hear over and over and over ad nauseam, MLB is actually a business,not a game.

Sorry, but get stuffed, MLB. How can you say that a team with a mariner for a mascot has to pay royalties- The team mascot is a tribute to a bunch of Massachusetts fishermen you jerks. I suppose a team can no longer call themselves the Cardinals. After all, it is a bird. My grandmother had a pair who liked yo use her bird feeder. I hope she doesn't owe money. Can't be called the A's? surely the team isn't made up of a roster full of Athletes, so Athletics is certainly a logical thing to call them.

MLB is a bunch of sillies, who want nothing more than to run the show. They like to dazzle us with their fund raising and community service, but they only want to serve the community on their terms; and ONLY when it ultimately benefits them- they make big fat money of the sale of Licensed Merchandise and they would on the purchase of uniforms. At Cape League games- they make big fat money of the 50/50.

An interesting thing is that many of the players who play in the Cape league go on to have fantastic MLB careers- thus helping the MLB recoup the money granted in the first place. This is simply bad business, and if you ask me just another PR mess for the MLB who appear more and more often to be like F-troop.

Go See a Cape League Game this Summer- you'll be glad you did. you can find all the schedules, rosters and stats here:

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