Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Heart Spring Training!

sweet georgia brown, i love spring training.

when I was in college, we went to orlando for softball spring games. So I totally know just how inherently great spring training is. It's like a secret society of all things good- a whole bunch of baseballers getting together to play ball. There is just something sublime about spring training. Spikes on concrete walkways, funny looking tan lines. There's a particular kind of hot in florida in february and march. it's not really hot an humid, but you still work up a sweat. The sun is just so welcome after a long hard, snowy winter. It's just fantastic. And there's nothing to worry about- you just need to play ball. The media isn't as fiendish, if you're in college, classes are miles away. It's just pure baseball or softball. At the end of the day, it's still sort of light out, and you can feel really good about working hard and playing a great game.

Red Sox pitchers and catchers are here- I SO wish i could be too.

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