Monday, February 04, 2008

Not so superbowl hat

this is the hat i started at kickoff yesterday. I needed something to knit while I watched the game, and this is what i grabbed before I left the house. It's a good hat, nicely shaped. there are some math discrepancies on the decreases at the crown, but come on, the Patriots were losing the superbowl, cut me a break.

It's made of something called spirit, made by Twilleys of Stamford I purchased it in Derry, county Derry. It's nice yarn, quite predicable and knits up nice and even. I would like a self patterning yarn that allowed for wider stripes, rather than blotches, but i don't think it would deter me from buying the yarn again. I think the hat will be nice and warm. My friend debra will be the recipient of the hat, she said at kickoff, "I would like a pale purple hat, I don't have a pale purple hat." I don't think she expected me to give it up, but truthfully, i have too many hats, and not enough heads to put them on. So there you have it; The not so superbowl hat.

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Debra said...

I enjoyed the hat very much and am grateful you gave it to me. Sorry the Pats lost but thanks for the hat...I love it!!!