Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Saturday is truck day.
hoo hoo hoo! if only i could do a cartwheel!

I think I posted about this once before. Truck Day is indeed a most important day in boston. Perhaps it's only meaningful to cold weather climates. Though I do wonder if the people in Chicago or detroit get in such a euphoria over their truck day.

The thing is, the winter is long in the northeast- it's long and kind of crummy there's rain, and snow and wind and yucky cold. By the time february rolls through, we are getting very tired indeed of wool coats. And even though truck day is sort of early in february, it's kind of like a beacon of spring. Certainly it's a time to reset ourselves with something to help us ignore the recent superbowl (for now, i'm trying to ignore the entire sport. It's as if the entire 2007 football season was never played. Curious, considering how frequently I posted about it)

But truck day! It means that pitchers and catchers are not far behind, and then position players. Just a few short weeks after- it will be opening day. hoo hoo hoo! Opening Day!

Opening Day means spring and summer! Spring and summer is my favorite time of year. So you see, truck day means so much more than just a load of catchers gear and pitching machines and buckets of David sunflower seeds. Truck Day means the end of winter is near!

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