Monday, February 04, 2008

This is what good teams do,

They win.
The trouble is, I didn't think the Giants were as good as the Patriots.

But it became evident as the first half ended, and the pocket around Brady just collapsed on every play that this was not going to end well. When we scored that second touch down i thought, well, that's good- now the Giants have to score a touchdown, a field goal isn't enough. And I really didn't think Eli Manning had the gumption to play clever football. I really thought he would fold like a lawn chair.
Silly really, given that he hadn't done so through a very demanding playoffs.

So in the end, it was a super bowl; a really great defensive game- certainly it must be one of the lowest scores in a long time. Certainly it was tremendously heart pounding football- we were all on the edge of our seats. After all, a blowout superbowl is kind of a snore (the only snore in this game was Tom Petty-zzzzz). It's just too bad the Giants won. It's too bad for me because I'm a Patriots fan; it's not too bad for the Giants. They played a very well thought out well executed football game. it's not personal; they weren't being mean to us yesterday; they just crushed our quarterback on every single drive, almost every single play.

well, to resurrect a phrase I thought I had retired in 2004- there's always next year. The patriots will be back next season, and we'll be a good team. Look out.

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