Friday, February 08, 2008

sigh. i need new cleats

It became pretty evident on my first cut to the ball yesterday that my beloved Copas will not last too much longer. The cleat plate has become separated from the leather upper on my right heel. Around the entire heel. it was just one side of the heel, but after last night it's the entire thing. It's clear the white cloth tape used to repair everything in sports is no longer cuttin it.

the thing is, Copas are SO EXPENSIVE. when i was in college i wasn't too upset to make the investment, after all, they were a hundred bucks, and i was only a sophomore at the time; i had three seasons on tap. That was ten years ago. and I've used them in every rec league since then. I've gotten a good value from the investment. But now, I'm only going to be playing rec leagues. thats not a commentary on the level of soccer, it's more one on the actual amount of time. that seems like a big investment. I never ever pay more than $50 on shoes if i can help it. if they are more than that, i simply don;t buy them. Carrie Bradshaw I am not.

but i am a sucker for something that has the right image- and copas have the right image, they indicate soccer. nothing else, they aren't golden, they don't have the laces on the outside. (let me tell you if you strike the ball dead on, the laces aren't going to hinder the speed, direction or accuracy of the shot. any more than laces on the side will help correct a shank. if you've shanked it you've shanked it; unlucky) Copas are just hard working soccer. I'm a hardworking soccer player.

I'll probably get them online, big toe sports has the best prices i've seen anywhere. i hope i order the right size.

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