Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ah, i've been remiss

Cristiano Ronaldo is the footballer i spoke of earlier. he's got a wiki page here.

he's terribly good, but he's terribly melodramatic, and people often times are angry and bitter when his team beats theirs (my friend dave is still bitter over win against england in the World cup 06).

but Uefa Euro Football is indeed exciting. According to soccernet.com, This is how the groups line up as of today:

I'm not so skilled at keeping track of this stuff, but from what i've heard, #1 plays #2, and Group A plays Group B, while C plays D in the next round, which is a knockout round. so Croatia will play Turkey (incidentally, Turkey beat the Czech Republic whom i predicted would advance. So really, don't listen to me!), and Portugal will play Germany. Yipes. That be some football!

Now, from what i gather, Group C is all sorts of up in the air, with the exception of Holland; they advance as #1. here's the qualification explanation. Group D is a bit tangley too, though not as much, nor as exciting. Essentially it's must win for all teams playing today, making for some excellent soccer. check them out on espn360.com. They are all on at the same time, to avoid any sort of match fixing. I'll be streaming today, for sure!

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