Monday, June 23, 2008

sewing circle

So debra came over on saturn-day to learn how to sew. I had to teach her on my little engine that could sewing machine. my machine really needs to go to P.C. Vac and Sew for a tune up. But debra persevered and went home with a super nifty tote bag. the fabric is a super pair of stripes and toille. We did use a pattern, i thought it was a mccalls pattern, but now i can't find it on their site. the pattern called for also including a hidden pocket, but i felt that that was a tiny bit too advanced a concept for a first date with a sewing machine. Perhaps next time.

Debra did a really great job of sewing, i did hardly any of it. She even did the tricky bits of sewing around the top seam, with all those layers of batting and fabric. She wasn't even put off by how long it took, and how moderately boring it can turn out to be. I'll have to see if she can send me a photograph so i can post it, I'm a Dumbhead, so i didn't take one at the end of the lesson.

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