Friday, June 06, 2008

someone is definitely stealing my milk, dammit!

Yesterday, i left the mark on the bottle in red, it's on the side, you can see it in the photo (I also put my name on the bottle hoping it would be left alone. When i arrived this morning, the milk was at the same level. I figured for sure no one would use the last few ounces of milk that didn't belong to them. i thought i'd have it for lunch, a small cup of milk, but a cup of milk anyway.

This is where it is right now:


Seriously, what kind of a jerk leaves that amount of milk in the bottle anyway? You're already a jerk, so just finish the effing bottle! As if leaving a tablespoon in the bottom of the bottle is going to make me less hacked off. My stinking name is on it for a reason. it's mine. If my name weren't on the bottle, i suppose i could appreciate that you didn't know who to ask, but that's not the case. If you figured hey, she'll probably let me borrow some anyway, so i'll just go ahead; you're only partly right. had you asked, i would have agreed. but now you've been a jerky coworker and i don't really know who you are, but i don't like you just the same.

so on monday, when i bring the hannaford half gallon in, i'm going to plaster a big huge jerky-jerk KRISTINE all over it in sharpie marker. hell, i might even put a super snarky Don't drink this milk! on it too.

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