Thursday, June 05, 2008

rockin' the aran sweater

Last summer i invested in an ipod (not really sure why though, i don't use it terribly often); and it's really great, i do like it a lot. The trouble is, they are somewhat delicate. the chrome finish is really taking a beating. Even though it's not typically my style, i decided to make it a sweater. Since i'm going to give an aran sweater a try this summer and fall, i thought the ipod sweater is a good place to start practicing.

i have to confess, this is an idea I acquired while browsing around etsy. I’ll admit, that it’s moderately poor form to make something someone else is trying to sell; but on the other hand if you search for tea wallet on etsy, you’ll get a trillion hits. Tea wallet is actually something I posted on another crafting site, and it was my idea to call them tea wallets. Call me snarky, but i don’t feel so bad about borrowing another person’s idea for the cabled cozy.

I'm not terribly crazy about the green button, but it's all i had on hand when i finished up last night at midnight. i'm going to look around yardsales to see if i can find a wooden one that will be more in keeping with an aran sweater.

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