Thursday, June 12, 2008

he is really good.

I just wish he didn't play for manchester united, and i wish, wish, wish he was a little less melodramatic! Please, don't act like such a wanker when you get fouled.

But i have to tell the truth, he's a really good player. His silliness with the ball drives me crazy, but that's because i don't normally have much patience for showboatsmanship, (and as someone who used to play marking back and stopper it's really aggravating) but the rest of his game is really solid. He's incredibly fast and really strong. He's a big guy, and despite his whining on the pitch, he's a pretty tough customer.

have a look at this goal in yesterday's euro match:

beside that, he's not even too terribly selfish, as far as working with and using and helping his teammates- it seems that he really does rather win the game than get all the goals.

All of this is made all the better by the fact that he's still just a kid- he's only 23 years old, Not to mention he's pretty easy on the eyes, footballer or not.

Yesterday's game against the Czech Republic has a deceptive score. Portugal was very good, but the Czechs were very good too. They'll make it through to the Quarters, and then they will give their opponent a very good game indeed. But, on the other hand, don't count out Turkey from this- they beat Switzerland yesterday. Yhat really makes it so that the only shoo in is portugal, and that's not even really a shoo in. Wow, what a good tourney so far!

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MoSchu said...

who is "he" you never say the guys name! I, being an ameteur soccer/football fan, do not know who you're talking about:) But I'd like to see "easy on the eyes" in the future!